Noor, A python Quran viewer


Noor is a program written in Python for viewing Quran. These are the interfaces that come with noor:

Interface Description
noorgtk Uses PyGtk library; it has many features like bookmarks, notes and automatically playing recitations using external players.
noorhtmls Outputs quran in html files in a directory
noorcgi Can be used as a CGI script in web servers
noortxt Outputs a sura to a plain text file

You can specify translation files; If specified, the translation of each aya is shown after it. Translations can be in two formats. It can be either a zip file in the same format as Zekr translation files which can be obtained from or it can be a utf-8 text file with translation of each aya in one line.

Here are a few screenshots. Also is generated using noorhtmls interface (without translation).


You can download Noor from

You can download development snapshots from


You can submit your patches and discuss your ideas in the noor-dev [at] mailing list.

Source Repository

Noor uses Mercurial VCS: